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Percepat Processor Komputer Anda dengan PCBoost

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Dengan PCBoost, Anda dapat mengontrol kerja processor Komputer Anda, bagaimana aplikasi berjalan dan performa pada komputer Anda.

With PCBoost, you take control of your computer's processor; how applications run help determine the performance of your computer system. Almost all applications and games are written to only run with a normal processor priority setting and on multi-core processors without targeting which CPU core to run on. The processor priority setting instructs the processor inside the computer how applications and games should be treated. Obviously when you are playing a game, or are editing pictures or videos you want as much processing power as possible. In Windows even if there are a few applications running the processor is still instructed to treat all applications and games as equals and if another application needs to interrupt CPU cycles it is allowed to. Most software companies never bother to raise the processor priority setting of their application as they do not know about the processor priority setting or want the application to run the same on every computer which helps them with technical support issues. This equality of the processor priority setting maintains stability on the computer system but does not account for performance that some applications can and should take advantage of.

With PCBoost, the processor priority setting of the foreground and activate application is tuned to maintain computer stability but a greater emphasis is placed on computer performance. PCBoost also automatically runs applications and games on the least utilized processor core when a multi-core processor is detected; this insures that all processing cores on the computer are utilized properly and applications are given as much power as possible to run. Once installed PCBoost begins to monitor which application is currently the active application, its processor priority setting is raised to High which instructs the processor that this application should be given the utmost priority over all other applications, the application is also assigned to a processing core that is being used the least. This gives the application the full attention of the processor over all other applications, other applications are still allowed to run, but the accelerated application is given priority over the processor and is allowed more threads and processing power, thus making that application run faster. When you close or switch the application to another program the new application is accelerated and the previous one is restored back to its original processor priority setting. This always insures that the foreground and active application is always accelerated and all other applications run at the default processor priority setting.

As an example, many people that play video games on their computer often close down as many programs as possible before launching and playing a game. The reason they do this is to avoid those applications from consuming precious CPU cycles and memory. Almost all games run at the default normal processor priority setting and do not target which processing core to run on, with PCBoost these games are raised to the High processor priority setting and assigned to a processing core with more power available to it; this allows the game to run faster by instructing the processor that it should be given the most attention over all other applications running. You can easily increase the frame rate and cut down on lag from maps loading and graphics loading slowly by using PCBoost. PCBoost not only works with games but with any application that requires intensive processor power, for instance video editing and photo editing software often require a fast processor, PCBoost will allow these applications to run faster and decrease the amount of time required to edit and finalize their photo and video collections. Accelerate your games, video/photo editing, database and other processor intensive applications with PCBoost.

PCBoost has been tested with the latest versions of Windows - Windows XP, Vista, 7 and also works with server editions of Windows - Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008. PCBoost has been also been tested on 64-bit editions of Windows Vista, 7 and Windows Server 2008. This software has also been written to automatically run when Windows is started, thus allowing PCBoost to operate with no user interaction whatsoever; simply install PCBoost and let it automatically increase the performance of your computer system.


3 komentar

Minggu, 15 Januari, 2012

agan wawan :D Minta artikel tntang knpa RAM udh d'tmbah tpi PC tmbah lemot ...
ksih tau cpet ya AGAN WAWAN hahahahhaha ...

Terimakasih TEGUH atas Komentarnya di Percepat Processor Komputer Anda dengan PCBoost
Senin, 16 Januari, 2012

Iyah agan teguh ahahahahaha. . . . Entar InsyaAllah diposting. Baca dulu itu pcboost atau pake software memorybooster

Rabu, 24 April, 2013

Ram Di tambah PC tambah lemot :

mungkin itu akibat :
1. Ada Program yang rusak dan penyebab semuanya
2. Virus
3. Settingan komputer sudah ada yang dirubah
4. OS nya tidak support dengan besar ram


kunjungi untuk tanya hal yang lain di

Terimakasih Cakra A atas Komentarnya di Percepat Processor Komputer Anda dengan PCBoost

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